Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Zune Saga Continued...

Today it was Alice's turn to send me an Email and try to ensure my satisfaction as a customer.  However, she disagrees with the original email from Kyle which stated he would be able to get me the refund.  Alice instead thinks that I need to look at my network settings and that it was most likely my Internet Service Provider.  Alice says she wants to help me get to a resolution.  The only resolution that works for me is a refund of my Microsoft points but yet she agrees with the supervisor who said "NO REFUND FOR YOU".  Anyway, here is Alice's email, again, I really, really doubt her REAL name is Alice, more likely Kalpana which is a popular Indian Baby name meaning "A Fantasy" which is what me getting my refund is at this point in time.  For your continued reading enjoyment, I give you, Alice's email...

Hello Bill,

Thank you for contacting Microsoft online support for XBOX. I am Alice and I will be helping you today with this issue.

As I understand, we are having issue with the movie that you rented through Zune. You were advised by our previous Technical Support Representative to call our voice support since they have the tools to issue refunds.  However, you talked with a supervisor and informed you that there is no refund to be provided.

I understand how you feel. I am a customer like you as well, I felt the same way when I bought airtime minutes for my phone but it did not work, let me go head and help you take a solid step towards resolution.

I have read your previous email, and I understand that did not resolve the issue.  Let us try different steps this time Bill.

As a general rule, Xbox Support does not provide refunds for video content. If a customer experiences issues that involve downloading or streaming content, the customer should troubleshoot the issue by following the links below. A refund is granted only if all troubleshooting efforts have failed.

This behavior can be caused by frequent changes to the speed and the quality of your Internet connection based on network conditions that affect both your residence and your Internet service provider (ISP). If you experience reduced video quality or you receive error messages while you watch video, your connection speed has probably slowed.

The email continues with the specific steps I should take to troubleshoot my home network but I won't bore you with those details.  I especially enjoyed the story she used about her phone minutes to make me feel better about my situation. 

Enjoy this lovely weekend!

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