Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Death of the Personal Web Site?

So raise your hand if you still have a personal web site.  (My Hand goes up).  I'm not talking about a facebook page, I'm talking about a real honest to gosh domain and some interesting combination of homebrew HTML and/or a content portal such as PHP Nuke.  I KNOW some of my friends have or have had them so I'm not the only one.  The question is, do you still have it?  You see, I received a notice from Host Monster today that my hosting package is up for renewal in 50 days.  I have flip flopped with this before but this time I think I really am going to shut it down.  I have this blog which to be honest is much easier to maintain and has a better editor than my PHP Nuke site and I use facebook and linkedin for pretty much everything else.  The only thing I would be missing would be the photo gallery and I'm almost positive I can find a nice replacement for that.  So, what do you think readers?  Should I can http://www.schoonsplace.com or not? 

The web site has been up for over 8 years now, actually 10 but I reinvented it after two , the first page was really straight HTML.  I went to PHP Nuke and never looked back.  I used Gallery for the photos and even had a few cool modules from time to time.  The sad fact is, I haven't posted there in months and even when I do I usually just say that I'm not dead.  I also have had issues with the gallery where I think I hit a limit or something.  I can't get the Java uploader to work correctly.  To renew, it's $7.95 a month for 2 years so it's around $160 total, couple that with my domain fees and the site costs me just around $200 a year.  I don't want to dump the domain though as Suzi and I both use the schoonsplace.com for our personal email addresses.  I found out that with EasyDNS I can get 10 email boxes for $10 extra per year so we could even keep those and not lose much if anything.

The biggest pain will be downloading the 300gb image of the site as a backup file and then figuring out what to do with it.  I probably have 50% of the pictures stored locally but I'd need to go through them and figure that out, the odds of that happening are pretty slim.  Then there are the comments on each picture, impossible to export and keep them intact with the actual photos, that will suck.  Everything is also dated and organized by year in the gallery.  Ok, so maybe that is a big pain in the butt to take them away.  I just don't know, I have 50 days to decide but I will be sure to let you know whether or not the real schoonsplace.com gets shut down.  Have a nice evening.